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WAAPA Massed Sax Festival

Massed Sax Event 2024

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Insta | FB | AIPP

Now in its 10th year This project brings together saxes players from all stages of learning and life to rehearse for one weekend in May to meet and play with WAAPA musicians, along with some of the world’s finest saxophonists and perform together in the mighty Massed Sax Orchestra.

WAAPA Sax Festival 2024 Composition Competition

Open to high school students in years 11 and 12, this competition is for the composition of an original work for a saxophone ensemble of between 4 and 8 saxophones.

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Grand Prize for the Winning Submission: a life-changing composition lesson with one of the world’s best composers for the saxophone Andy Scott!

If you have any question or queries, please email me: m.styles@ecu.edu.au

Help make the 2024 Massed Sax Project the best saxophone experience Australia has ever seen!!!

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Dec 8
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