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The ‘Five Sax Orchestra’ was established as a dedicated band after almost a decade working as a section with WASO, Malaysian Philharmonic, Singapore Symphony, and a multitude of shows, kids programs and bowling club appearances…

Here’s a clip from a gig at the Ellington.

Here’s another

Providing an opportunity to meet regularly and share great red wine was the real reason it came together, but it soon became clear that after a few glasses of wine, we thought this unique collection of fine saxophonists was a musical force.


Matt Styles                 sop/alto/ten & wannabe professional wine taster

Melissa Skinner        sop/alto/baritone & Thermomix High Priestess of the 1st Order

Luke Pownall             alto & tenor sax, marketing guru & 5 Seeds cider model

Keith McGowan         tenor sax, MBA, obsessive-compulsive cyclist

Alex Boyd                   baritone sax, wine & cigar connoiseur


Fso music difficulty rating:


very ‘playable’, got plenty of chops at the end




quite ‘playbale’, chops are a little tired




things are getting tricky really – chops are feeling pretty ‘mushy’




we’re getting a bit serious here…





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Jun 18
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