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“… a convincing soloist…producing a stream of mellifluous sound..”

“…his artistry like a silver thread…”

“…a tonally pure line soaring like some gently sonic meteor…”

Known as an extremely versatile musician, Matt regularly performs as a conductor, leader, soloist and a chamber musician with symphony’s orchestra’s, jazz groups, pop acts, broadway musicals, and cross-genre new music bands.

James Ledger, composer of one the “…20 Australian Masterpieces since 2000…”, wrote a work for Matt because “…he impressed me with his profound musicianship and his versatility in both the classical and jazz realms.”

EquipmentPeople have asked what equipment I use for the type music I play, so if you’re as much of a sax nerd as I am, click here.

Current projects include:

Mix’t Trio: performances and masterclasses with Mixt Trio  (Adam Pinto piano, Paul Tanner percussion & Matt Styles saxophones) who specialise in the performance, interpretation, education and composition of  cross-genre works. This is a unique genre of music as it often asks the performer to be able to understand and interpret classical, jazz and popular music styles, whilst also expecting a high level of improvisation.

Mixt performed at the World Saxophone Congress in Scotland in July 2012.  check out the ‘calendar’ for more dates. Watch out for the 2014 recordings…

FSO: the emergence of an exciting and powerful 5 saxophone new music group…

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