Upcoming Dates


  • Rob Buckland’s Tenacity

    Indulging my jazz side playing this chart where all the backing sounds have been created by the tenor sax.  Great feel from the UK maestro!

    Uploaded on Sep 23
  • glyn macdonald group
    glyn macdonald group

    a cheeky preview of the Gyn MacDonald Group live dvd…

    Uploaded on Dec 23
  • Libby Hammer Quintet

    Performing for the queen…well she was on her way…

    Uploaded on Jul 23
  • world sax congress performance: nocturnal

    Tony Davis’ marvellous cross-genre piece for soprano and piano

    Uploaded on Aug 21
  • world sax congress performance: catalina

    Playing James Ledger’s brilliant Catalina: a piece featuring soprano and tenor saxes with recorded strings, sound effects and voice-overs.

    Uploaded on Aug 21
  • arundo reed quintet

    Arundo Reed Quintet performing Piazzola’s Fugata arranged by Paul Abbot and Matt Styles

    Uploaded on Jul 3
  • DMC – saxes, pipe organ and accordion

    DMC – alto sax Cathie Traver’s The Healing Garden for sax, accordion and pipe organ – beautiful piece!

    Uploaded on May 29